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After Oklahoma City, OK, at the Saddleback Hotel from September 6th to 8th in 2007, the next reunion of the Laon Air Police Association (LAPA - Ernie Fazio, President) will be held in LAS VEGAS, NV, in October 2009.

More than 100 members attended the reunion of the 38th Bomb Wing Association in Covington, KY, June 1 to 3, 2006 (see more about this reunion). The next one will be in Valley Forge, PA, September 5 to 7, 2008.

During a three weeks trip to USA in July 2004, Bernard Croza had many warmful meetings. Pictures of the trip.

The Laon Survivors Alumni Association & The Overseas Brats Association sponsored the first Major Reunion for Laon AB France. It was held on June 13th - June 16th 2002, at Irving, Texas.
Many former Military, Students, Teacher Faculty and members of the French American Association attended.
Pictures of the event on the "Irving" page.
The 2004 reunion was held in Atlanta, Georgia, July 22 to 25.
See also the website at - contact : Tom Laseter at 

- New services : We can help you if you're looking for an old french friend or somebody you knew when you were in Laon AFB. We also can take photos especially for you (the house where you were living, your prefered place for a walk,...). Contact us by e-mail.

- You still may contact M. Raymond Mory, ancient of the french personnels (from 1952 to 1967) now living in Belgium, by fax at (+32) 67 331582 but he also have an e-mail address now : .

- The former lieutenant Henry L. Gaidis, remembering his origins, is the author of a very interesting "History of the Lithuanian Military Forces in World War II 1939-1945" and he will publish soon another book entitled "Napoleon's Lithuanian Forces". Contact

- The website created by Terry Parnell, who was on the american NATO AFB of Laon is absolutely to visit at

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