IRVING, TEXASIrving 2002, REUNION - June 2002

From June 13th to 16th, in Irving, near Dallas, Texas, a first great reunion was organized by the "Laon Survivors Alumni Association".




President Tom Laseter was welcoming those who attended when they were arriving.





On the evening, a dinner gathered the members, before the music and dance help to find back the atmosphere of the laonese era.




The reunion was a special time for sharing many memories, still well alive in the minds.



The duty memories were mixed with the family memories, since many were living in Laon area with their families. 



Nov. 4, 2001



For many, the day was also a possibility for discovering Dallas and surroundings.






From the left, Chuck Cole, Bernard Croza, Denise Perigo and Tom Laseter.




Many pictures and photos were watched in a few days.



Thanking those who had invited him, Bernard Croza was also the messenger of the Mayor of Laon, Antoine Lefèvre, and of Daniel Buret, President of the French-American Association of the Aisne.



The owner of the website, very moved, was then made an "Honorary Citizen of the state of Texas".

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