with the precious help of Glen BRADY (1953), Bill O'Brien - Mr B., Elmer PEARCE (1963),
Jeff MADDOX (1965-2000)

stairdwn.jpg (17904 octets)
The hill like it appeared in 1953 to those who were going to climb the stairs.
stairs.jpg (11646 octets)
One usually preferred seeing the stairs from this viewpoint !...
126apbef.jpg (15414 octets)
The american tent area when they arrived at the Base of Couvron...
126apaft.jpg (17469 octets)

...had its "military look" a little later.

fire.jpg (6505 octets)
Bathroom fire, cause of a stove pipe getting red hot.  A lot of tents also went up in fire, because of the stove pipe's, but none got hurt.

basesign.jpg (4945 octets)

Many of the ancients of the AFB kept very good memories from their staying in Laon area.

covron.jpg (6180 octets)
The main street of Couvron...

gatetolaon2.jpg (11309 octets)
and the Ardon Gate of Laon did not change a lot.

mory.jpg (6090 octets)
Raymond MORY, of the french personnels, worked ont he AFB from 1952 to 1967 (here in 54)

Parkinglot.jpg (6784 octets)

For those that had cars at the barracks.

pxbase.jpg (7497 octets)
The Base PX:   Where to buy different things, cigarettes, candy, etc

fubar.jpg (6016 octets)
Fubar :this plane took the americans to Cannes, France for R&R (Rest & Recreation).


laon_21.jpg (16214 octets)
In 1963, a new housing built near the GRH...
laon_21b.jpg (26452 octets)
Since, trees grew up around the old people's home.
laon_2.jpg (25762 octets) laon_2b.jpg (47296 octets)
laon_16.jpg (19757 octets)
The sight on the park of the train station changed
laon_16b.jpg (48364 octets)
since a new buses and "POMA" station was built.

laon_14.jpg (26737 octets)
But the face of Carnot Avenue

laon_14b.jpg (38134 octets)
did not change a lot since 1963.

laon_10.jpg (20759 octets)
From the down end of the stairs

laon_10b.jpg (20706 octets)
one has still the same sight...

laon_12.jpg (19250 octets)
looking up the hill...

laon_12b.jpg (14418 octets)

...on condition not to want to take a picture of
   the Cathedral !

laon_18.jpg (19490 octets)
On Lyon Boulevard, then...

laon_18b.jpg (28897 octets)
...there were less cars on the sidewalks.

laon_4.jpg (32084 octets)
The park, in front of then "Normandy",

laon_4b.jpg (18447 octets)

filled itself, too.

laon_9.jpg (22119 octets)
The old rack rail tramway

laon_9b.jpg (26400 octets)
let place to the "POMA".
laon_19.jpg (19018 octets) laon_19b.jpg (33980 octets)

laon_22.jpg (24923 octets)
The Châtelaine street

laon_22b.jpg (17425 octets)
is always decorated for Christmas.

laon_3.jpg (30646 octets)
Ardon Suburb

laon_3b.jpg (21219 octets)
is still the same.

laon_1.jpg (38073 octets)
But between Ardon and Laon

laon_1b.jpg (42310 octets)
new districts appeared on the left and on the right.

Blair Maddox in 1965 down the stairs

and in 2000 at the same place.