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lonruelm.jpg (37444 octets)The city

  • South-West : Mons en Laonnois, Bourguignon sous Montbavin, Montbavin, Royaucourt, Urcel, Chivy les Etouvelles...
  • West : Crepy, Saint Nicolas aux Bois, Saint Gobain, Septvaux, Coucy le Chateau...
  • The Queens Way and the valley of Ailette river
  • And a SPECIAL PAGE about the american NATO AFB which really marked the History of LAON.

Laon then and now : a photos gallery many of which have been given by ancients of the AFB.

Are you looking for a beautiful book of photos ?
See Claude JACQUOT's : L'AISNE and LAON


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p_01.gif (94 octets) QUEENS WAY
DRAGON'S CAVE : new museum of the battle of Queens Way
p_01.gif (94 octets) LAON - Every saturdays, sundays and holydays
Tourism Office at 3.00 pm - Visit of the Cathedral with a guide. 
Contact for groups
p_01.gif (94 octets) A complete site to prepare your visit and staying in Laon :